Contribute to improving performance, quality, transperency and accountability in the humanitarian response of NGOs and RCRC Movement in Bangladesh.

Secretariat & Functions

SCB Secretariat

A virtual secretariat (one agency will take the responsibility to act as secretariat) which will work on an biennial rotation basis to provide support, coordinate and review Sphere related activities in Bangladesh. A review of SCB activities will be conducted annually and a performance report will be produced.

Overall function of SCB

  • Facilitate identifying/ establishing organizational focal point for Sphere.
  • Provide technical support and mobilize resources from member organizations for translating the Sphere handbook into Bangla.
  • Arrange seminar, workshop, awareness campaign for promoting and disseminating Sphere handbook.
  • Contribute to global Sphere’s monthly news letter with events/activities done in the country
  • Humanitarian diplomacy with universities/academic institutions (who offer degree in DM/ vulnerability assessment, Humanitarian Response) for inclusion of Sphere standards into academic curriculum, research and training.
  • Document and prepare sector specific Sphere standard guidelines, standardization of specifications and design of intervention for implementing partners.
  • Prepare a policy brief on Sphere standards for donor community and the government so as to review its humanitarian response policies and activities.  
  • Support and encourage inter agency joint assessment and planning to collaboratively address Sphere minimum standards for humanitarian assistance.  
  • Creating a common pool of Master Trainers with a data base under SCB to support training of individual organization and academic institutions.
  • Conduct annual review of performance in humanitarian response through lessons learned workshop, desk and field research.
  • Publish annual review report on humanitarian response in the light of the Sphere standards
  • SCB Secretariat functions

  • SCB will act as the SCB country coordination organization and facilitate the process of designating focal persons on different issues related to promoting the spirit of Sphere project.  And SCB in consultation with its governance team will designate country focal point for 2 years in consistent with the term of SCB secretariat.
  • SCB secretariat will prepare an annual plan and will organize quarterly meeting.
  • SCB secretariat will assign specific activities in collaboration to the Governance Team and will follow up the progress half yearly. 
  • SCB secretariat will support, establish, maintain and develop SCB web site. SCB will approach to Sphere global project to dedicate some space in the global website for SCB website.
  • SCB will seek funding to be earmarked into the annual budget of individual member organizations.
  • SCB will mobilize resources (HR and funding) to undertake any joint initiative.
  • The Secretariat or its nominated agency will represent SCB in humanitarian business in country and global level.