Contribute to improving performance, quality, transperency and accountability in the humanitarian response of NGOs and RCRC Movement in Bangladesh.

Membership & Responsibilities


As is emphasised and agreed in the meeting held on 1st December that the membership will be open to all humanitarian agencies and individual Humanitarian workers that are willing to promote and practice Sphere Standard. All humanitarian organizations/agencies signatories to the Sphere project who have legal entity to work in Bangladesh will be eligible for membership of the SCB. Any interested organization, movement and network who falls under the criteria, may apply for membership through the application form uploaded in the website. Membership applications will be accepted with the consent of all present member organizations. Any organization may withdraw its membership without any prior notice. Governance team will reserve the right of cancelling the membership of any organisation found in-active or working against the SCB objectives. Also the membership application will be accepted with the consent of all present member organisations. Every member organization's profile will be placed on SCB website which will have link with the global Sphere website.

Responsibilities of members

  • Participate in SCB quarterly meeting.
  • Establish organizational Sphere focal point and alternate focal point.
  • Provision/earmark in the annual budget for Sphere activities.
  • Contribute to joint initiatives of Sphere activities.
  • Agree and practice on standards, specifications of intervention packages, guidelines etc.
  • Participate/contribute in the events organized by the other member agencies on Sphere standards.
  • Contribute in the knowledge management activities through creating, documenting, and archiving knowledge products.
  • Participate in conducting annual review of performance in humanitarian response of member organisations through lessons learned workshop, desk and field research.